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Canadian Sports Betting Promotions

Sports betting in Canada was first legalized in Ontario in 2022 April. Following its legalization, the Canadian betting market has exploded among adults of all backgrounds. It can be easy to get lost in such a fast-growing landscape, which is where we come into the picture and help you to bet smart. 

We have reviewed some of the best legalized sportsbooks from Canada, covered the most popular sports events you need to wager on, and given you the first look at the sports betting industry in Ontario. With all these at your disposal, you simply cannot help but make the best Canadian betting moves. 

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The Best Canada Sportsbooks

First on our list is Northstar Bets – they have shown an aggressive dominance in the Canadian sports betting industry, with an excellent user interface and strong welcome offers, if you are in Canada you have to give Northstar a try.

Northstar Bets

Northstar Bets was first launched in May 2022 in the Canadian province. This was about one month following the launch of Ontario sports betting in the market. 

Although sportsbook betting is already a saturated market, Northstar surprisingly has been able to make a name for itself among big players like Sports Interaction, DraftKings Ontario, and FanDuel Ontario, among others. All the credit for its success goes to its competitive odds, the expansive betting markets (with particular focus on hockey), and its intuitive betting app. 

Another commendable aspect about Northstar Bets is that it is now available in all the territories and provinces within the country starting from October of this year (2023). 


  • Highly intuitive app 
  • Wide variety of betting markets 
  • Sports betting content that is easily accessible


Bet99 is genuinely a homegrown sportsbook developed by Canadians for their own people. It is no surprise that it has managed to make a splash in the industry through its NHL partnership. Bet99 hosts over a whooping 75,000 sporting events in a single month. Users get a sports betting experience that is uniquely Canadian, complete with live streaming, competitive odds, and live betting markets. 


  • Betting site focused on Canadians 
  • User interface is userfriendly 
  • Multiple deposit options to choose from 


888Sport is a leading name in the gaming industry. The sportsbook was initially launched in the year 2008 and caters to a wide range of budgets. We are impressed that it accommodates plays for all levels of budgets. 

888Sport offers an exhaustive collection of sports to choose from. Both the mobile and desktop experience are top-notch, and they have been some of the most favored sportsbooks that we have had our hands on. Admittedly, they have some notable flaws that make them less than perfect. 


  • Live streaming and in-play betting 
  • Globally recognized brand name 
  • Solid mobile app and website layout 


There are two main types of betting operators in Canada. The first one is the type that actively operates sportsbooks, and the second is the type that owns casinos and maintains sportsbooks on the side.

PowerPlay, unfortunately, belongs to the second type. This is just sad news for anyone looking to have a good time at this site. That said, PowerPlay does have a fine selection of live bet markets and sports. One does get the feeling that the site encourages its users more to toss their chips in the baccarat table or play the slots instead of wagering on sports.


  • Strong coverage of live events 
  • Quick processing of withdrawals 
  • Options available for crypto banking 


Tonybet is one of the newest Canada-based sites for sports betting. This online sportsbook is refreshing and unique. Its primary focus is on eSports wagering and comparison metrics. Tonybet has managed to catch our attention due to its high interactivity, with on-screen updates and real-time changes. 


  • Live betting available on eSports 
  • Popular betting site for eSports 
  • Comes with a VIP program on sports 

Sports betting in Canada has undergone a lot of changes in the recent years. Each province has its own landscape of sports betting that has been influenced by cultural attitudes and local regulations. Read below to learn more about the legal frameworks and unique approaches of each province. 

Canadian Provinces Breakdown


Alberta has taken a traditional approach to sports betting. But this was in the initial years. Things have changed, and the past few years have seen a significant shift in perspective. The authority under which betting platforms in Alberta operate is Alberta’s Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC). 

Alberta may have been slow to welcome single-event sports betting in the initial years but it is now catching up with the others and expanding its influence in both the online and offline platforms. 


Ontario is hands down the leader in sports betting in Canada. This province has a well-established system in place for its sports betting market, which is regulated by Ontario’s Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG). 

Following the changes that have allowed single-event sports bets, the province now attracts top international sportsbooks through its attractive offerings. Developments like these not only encourage variety in the marketplace but also make way for consumer protection and good gambling practices. 


Quebec is perhaps one of the most cautious of the lot. The authority responsible for regulating these activities is Loto Quebec, which is a lottery corporation. Although cautious, the province quickly embraced single-event sports betting after it was permitted. 

That said, they pay attention to the policies and controls focused on gambling and regulating associated risks. It is now widely popular in Quebec, and there are many legal platforms in place for its residents. 

British Columbia 

Sports betting has been around for quite some time in this province. The authority responsible for its regulation is British Columbia’s Lottery Corporation (BCLC). The province was quick to adapt itself to all the laws permitting single-event sports betting. It was also just was quick to expand the range of sports betting that it offers. 

We appreciate the fact that British Columbia is one of the top provinces that actively promotes sports betting and provides opportunities for its residents to place their bets securely and legally. 


Saskatchewan is more of an emerging market in the betting industry. Some of its prominent players include Saskatchewan’s Liquor & Gaming Authority (SLGA) and Sashatchewan’s India Gaming Authority (SIGA). After single-event betting was legalized, Saskatchewan started to actively establish a comprehensive framework towards sports betting. One such effort is offering options for wagering. 


The authority for sports betting in this province is Manitoba’s liquor and lotteries corporation. You will find an interesting combination of options for betting and the latest online platforms. The province has also been active in welcoming single-event betting and has expanded its market while making sure its residents uphold responsible and safe gambling practices. 

Yukon, Nunavut and Northwestern Territories 

Due to the challenges posed by its population and logistics, sports betting options in Yukon, Nunavut, and its Northwestern Territories are limited. Nevertheless, the residents from these territories are still able to enjoy sports betting. In the foreseeable future, the three territories will most probably focus on these areas: developing better sports betting platforms, ensuring responsible gambling, and coming up with a well-regulated and competitive market targeted at benefiting both the economy and the consumers. 

Legal Grey Area 

A lot of these sports betting sites are based offshore and not in Canada. These places include the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Antigua, etc. It may sound a little shady, much like the Panama Papers scandal, but technically, this is not illegal. 

Any resident with an internet connection can legally place bets from any of the offshore bookmakers that welcome customers from Canada and other such countries where it is illegal to accept wagers.  

For over two decades following the introduction of online betting, Canadian provinces has ignored this billion-dollar phenomenon, resulting in the existence of a legal grey area for online sports betting. This is an area where bettors and bookmakers are pretty much free to operate as they wish. 

Online Sports Bets You Can Place in Canada

By now, you know the answer to this depends largely on which province you are in. You will find an attractive range of sports collections offered by each province for props, parlays, futures, and money lines. 

Ontario, as you can see, is the frontrunner here in Canada when it comes to sports betting. Things are looking very positive here and pretty much on par with the sportsbooks offered in the US. 

Popular events like the Stanley Cup and the Super Bowl are also going to be widely favored in Canada for sports betting. 

Here is a list of popular options but there will be additional betting options in the near future, based on each local book. 

  • European Sports League
  • Soccer
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Motor Racing
  • College Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Horse Racing
  • College Baseball
  • CHL
  • MLB Baseball 
  • College Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • NBA Basketball
  • NFL Football 
  • Canadian Football League


Overall, we see a trend in most of the provinces where they are becoming more open towards a regulated market for sports betting. It offers bettors a wide range of choices while at the same time ensuring that good gambling practices are upheld. In the near future, we look forward to seeing all its provinces finding a good balance of innovation, and regulation, safeguarding the interests of its consumers. 

Last Updated on December 23, 2023

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