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New Jersey Sports Betting Promotions

New Jersey’s entry into sports betting began in 2018 when the state introduced betting on top professional sports and athletic leagues.

Ever since the industry has continued growing by leaps and bounds, casual bettors or beginners often face confusion on which New Jersey sports betting platforms are best. Alternatively, users often pose questions or doubt the legality of these sites or seek tips on how to get the most out of these services.

Today, we take a deep dive into NJ’s sports betting scene and break down the best platforms that suit beginners and seasoned players!

How to Get Started with New Jersey Sports Betting

Sportsbooks in NJ continue attracting a lot of bettors and gamblers who want a piece of the sporting action. So, sports betting services simplify the process for first-timers to join easily. But these platforms offer enough betting variety and features to keep seasoned players engaged and rewarded.

For beginners, getting started on these gambling platforms is a simple affair. All you do is sign up for the service, receive a nice welcome bonus, deposit some funds, and start placing bets!

Pick an NJ Sportsbook

Start by choosing a sportsbook that covers the sports you like, features you desire, or rewards that appeal to you. We’ve listed and reviewed the top NJ betting platforms below, so you can scroll down and make a pick right now.

Pick one that’s licensed, enjoys good reviews, covers different sports markets, and offers competitive odds.

Creating A Betting Account

Begin the signup process on the website and start entering the required details.

The registration steps may differ slightly depending on the betting service. However, most platforms require basic information like your email, banking details, address, etc.

Grab the Bonus

All New Jersey sportsbooks offer signup bonuses of different varieties. These welcome rewards may range from cashback offers of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Other times, some sportsbooks allow safety nets that repay you with bonuses if you lose or additional betting credits as a reward for registering.

Some NJ sports betting sites may require you to execute an initial deposit before the bonuses are reflected in your account.

Transfer Funds

You’ll have to transfer some money as part of the signup process. This amount will be the balance you’ll need to place bets when sports matches occur.

New Jersey Sportsbooks supports various payment methods, from conventional banking and credit cards to digital wallets and prepaid cards. So, choose your preferred mode and deposit the desired amount into your account.

Bet Away!

Finally, choose the sports or match you wish to bet on, find the odds you prefer, and place your bets.

All NJ sportsbooks will provide vital information on odds, lines, and handicaps related to your chosen match. Pick the play or odds you think will occur and bet on the option to confirm your move.

Top New Jersey Sports Betting Platforms Today

Knowing where to start is crucial in beginning your sports betting journey correctly. Alternatively, even seasoned bettors need insights into which platforms offer the best odds, returns, and betting experience.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best-performing betting sites in New Jersey.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is a growing NJ sportsbook in over a dozen other states nationwide. The platform is known for its variety of sports betting options, extensive promotional events, and a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use.

Users also get access to boosts in odds when they’re hard or down on their luck. Fast transactions and secure payment processing make this platform the preferred choice for many New Jersey bettors.

Key Features

  • BetMGM offers bonus paybacks that reach up to $1500.
  • It allows you to edit and modify the wager after you place the bets.
  • User-friendly web interface and easy navigation.

Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 remains a leading sports book based in New Jersey but operates in different regions nationwide. Seasoned bettors love the accurate and reliable odds observed on this platform.

This NJ sportsbook is known for its extensive sports market across disciplines, leagues, and categories.

Key Features

  • Secure payment methods with enhanced firewalls
  • Up to $1000 in first-bet insurance
  • New users enjoy up to $150 in bonus bets
  • Easy cashing out through multiple processing methods

Caesars Sportsbook

Countless residents of New Jersey consider Caesars as their go-to platform for legal betting on sports games. It’s a no-nonsense platform that banks on easy usability, fast betting, and quick withdrawals as its strong points.

The platform has a land base in Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. And the physical location attracts almost as many visitors as their virtual sportsbook.

Key Features

  • New users enjoy a first-bet bonus of over $1000
  • Highly rated mobile versions on both iOS and Android
  • Support for a wide variety of transactions and payment methods

4.  FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is among the older sportsbooks in the country in terms of enjoying legal status across most states. The platform operates online in over 20 different states and can operate offline in more.

It features a wide and impressive range of bonuses and offers regularly. Their app’s user interface remains favored by many users, thanks to its pleasing aesthetics and easy navigation.

Key Features

  • FanDuel has enjoyed partnerships with more than 20 professional sports teams and leagues
  • It’s also the most widely used sportsbook in the country, with almost 40% market share
  • Straight $150 bonus on Moneyline bets of $5 or above

5.  DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is emerging as a widely-used sportsbook in New Jersey, beating out older competing sites like FanDuel and BetMGM in popularity.

Expect impressive bonuses, an easy signup process, and diverse market offerings when joining this NJ betting platform.

Key Features

  • Registration on DraftKings is a quick and easy affair.
  • Extensive options for live in-play betting
  • First deposit bonuses on DraftKings can go up to $1000.

New Jersey Sports Betting Regulations

The legalization of full-fledged sports betting in New Jersey occurred in 2018. Since then, lawmakers have continued to tweak and modify the regulations to ensure that safe and legitimate gambling remains fair and accessible to all users.

New Jersey’s government has an enforcement agency called the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), which regulates, monitors and executes the laws related to the operation of these sportsbooks.

The DGE follows the regulations laid in the Casino Control Act, which also regulates all other land-based casinos in the state.

The law does not allow bettors to place wagers on in-state college games. That’s because sports betting in NJ has a minimum age requirement of 21. And most college athletes and participants fall below this line. So, high-school sports games remain excluded, too. Even NCAA games in New Jersey will fall outside the purview of NJ sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks and casinos must also provide information and guidance on responsible gaming practices. These guides include materials that dispel myths about betting, tips to avoid addiction, risks involved in betting processes, and a self-exclusion program where users can seek help in avoiding gambling altogether.

Developments in the New Jersey Sports Betting Industry

December 2023

Lawmakers in the state of New Jersey passed legislation (Bill A5308) that requires educational institutions to inform students about the dangers of gambling and the risks of addiction.

Legislators are also considering the prohibition of smoking inside land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

October 2023

Sportsbooks and betting operators in the state experienced over $1.2 billion in wagers. This figure marks an increase of over 22% since the last update.

August 2022

Sportsbooks in New Jersey reported a total revenue of about $65 million, about a 47% increase since its last report.

September 2021

New Jersey’s sports betting wagers amounted to a record $1 billion for the first time since its legalization in 2018.

New Jersey Sports Betting FAQs

Is there a tax on New Jersey Sports betting winnings?

Yes. New Jersey’s regulations categorize sports betting wins as a taxable income. So, you’ll undergo a tax payment for the total winnings you enjoy on any of these platforms.

Is NJ Sports Betting Legal?

Yes. New Jersey has allowed legitimate betting on various sports ever since its legalization in 2018. About 22 online services and apps allow residents and visitors to place bets on sports events.

What are the best New Jersey sports betting platforms?

New Jersey hosts almost two dozen different sports betting services and sportsbooks. However, platforms like BetMGM, DraftKings, Caesars NJ, Bet365, and FanDuel remain top among bettors today.

Which Sports are Legal to Bet on in New Jersey?

New Jersey sportsbooks welcome bets on most of the country’s primary leagues and top sports. You can see odds for matches across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.

Is in-state College betting legal in New Jersey?

No. New Jersey’s regulations prohibit betting in in-state college sports. The intention is to protect the interests and future of student-athletes and players who may be below 21 years of age.

Does New Jersey have land-based Sportsbooks?

Yes. Most of New Jersey’s online sportsbooks also have land-based operations. The majority of physical sportsbooks remain located in Atlantic City.

Last Updated on December 22, 2023

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