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Explore the top social casinos endorsed by our team of writers and editors at Sportsbook Casino Review. New players are encouraged to seize the opportunity to experience these recommended platforms. Unlock enticing sign-up bonuses and secure your complimentary sweepstakes coins and gold coins today.

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Betting Big on Fun: The Definitive Guide to the Best Social Casinos

Social casinos (AKA Sweepstakes Casinos) continue drawing a wide following thanks to their accessibility as legitimate entertainment platforms. So, will they replace conventional online casinos completely? What makes them so enjoyable and appealing? Which social casinos should I join today?

Questions like these continue to plague beginners and seasoned players of social casinos. Today, we’ll take you through a comprehensive and exhaustive breakdown of how these platforms work and which platforms are leading the charge in the current market.

What Are Social Casinos?

Let’s begin by getting a clear overview of social casinos and how they work.

Social casinos are online platforms that let you play traditional casino games like slots or cards without betting real money (but with the opportunity to win real cash). They’re also called Sweepstakes casinos.

Let’s make it clear – they do not allow real money betting. So, they can operate under legitimate gaming licenses without identifying as a gambling service. The platforms provide an on-site virtual currency (usually called Gold Coins). You can use this currency to play the games and earn more Gold Coins.

More importantly, these platforms also let you win a different category of virtual currency (usually called sweep coins). As you play and continue to earn/win more Sweeps Coins, you can redeem your Sweeps Coins balance for real cash and payoff rewards.

So, you enjoy the chance of winning real cash by winning or earning Sweeps Coins. However, the process does not qualify as gambling because you use Gold Coins to begin playing (which you get for free).

Are Social Casinos Legitimate and Legal?

Yes. Social and sweepstakes casinos remain allowed and legitimate in most US states.

These platforms let users enjoy the games for free, and you can’t bet real money on any of the games (or win real money directly). So, according to the law, they qualify as free-to-play games that do not belong to the gambling category.

However, gaming and gambling laws may differ from state to state. So, social casinos that include Sweep Coins (redeemable for cash rewards) may be banned in your state if it has strict betting regulations. For instance, Washington State carries some very strict gambling regulations that make many social casinos illegal in its jurisdiction.

Understanding the Two Currencies in Social Casinos

So, how do you win real cash prizes if you do not bet real money in the games?

Social and sweepstakes casinos can provide this unique benefit by using two currency systems within their platform – the Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins.

Primary Coin (Without Real-world Value)

Gold Coins are the free primary currency used to play games and slots on social casinos. You get a starting amount for free during signup. From there, you continue getting free Gold Coins through daily bonuses, promotional freebies, as a reward for winning in the games, etc.

Social casinos will let you buy more gold coins with real money if you use up all the freely received amounts.

You use the Gold Coins to play in the slots and games, but they’re not worth real money, regardless of how much you collect or win. You can only use them to play more games.

Secondary Coin (With Real-world Value)

Social and sweepstake casinos include a secondary coin that functions in the platform’s economy. They’re called Sweepstakes Coins or Sweep Coins, and this additional currency is redeemable later for real money or rewards with real-world value.

However, unlike Gold Coins, you cannot purchase or get more Sweepstake Coins with real money. You can only ‘earn’ or get them for free through the site’s offers, games, or events.

For instance, the purchase of a package with 10,000 Gold Coins may include 50 Sweep Coins as a bonus or a gift that comes with the package. So, you’re not ‘buying’ these Sweeps Coins directly, but you receive them as add-on gifts in the Gold Coins you purchase.

You can then use these Sweep Coins to play games that payout in Sweep Coins when you win. Alternatively, many social casinos hold promotional events that require Sweep Coins to participate and offer real cash prizes to the winners. Other casinos may let you redeem these Sweeps Coins in return for real cash rewards once you’ve collected enough and met specific conditions.

The Best Social Casinos: Top 5 Platforms Operating Today

McLuck Casino

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McLuck offers hundreds of engaging slots and traditional card games with the opportunity to walk away with attractive winnings. Their McJackpot event offers winnings of over 200 million Gold Coins, and additional Sweeps Coins, and their signup bonuses can go up to 150%.

Pulsz Casino

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Pulsz is a growing free-to-play social casino with more than 700 unique slots, games, and titles to enjoy. This platform remains popular thanks to appealing bonuses like 30 Sweeps Coins during signup and a high RTP (Return to Player) percentage that members enjoy.


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WOWVegas is an established name in social and online casinos, with the latest games and constant updates. Most players in the US prefer this platform for its wide selection of slots and excellent customer service.

High5 Casino

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Users who enjoy playing social casinos on their mobile devices will enjoy High5 and its user-friendly app. This casino offers generous payouts and an excellent collection of table games.

Rush Games

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Rush Games is an award-winning platform based in the US with millions of satisfied users. This fairly new social casino already houses hundreds of the most exciting card games and slots.

How Do I Get Started on Social Casinos?

Most social and sweepstakes casinos have the same process for getting on board. They keep the process easy, fast, and simple to follow for the convenience of new members.

The majority of platforms will follow a four-step pattern as follows.

Step 1: Register on the Social Casino

Begin by finding a social casino that suits your preferences. McLuck, High5, and WOWVegas remain popular options for beginners in the game.

Simply provide basic identity information, email, etc., and the casino will generate a free account for you.

Step 2: Claim the Bonus

All social casinos provide a signup bonus for new users as a reward for joining the platform. WOWVegas, Rush Games, and Pulsz all have attractive welcome bonuses.

The bonus coins will be reflected in your account shortly after account creation.

Step 3: Start Playing

Go to the section of the platform that lists the slots, games, and titles available. Pick one that suits your fancy and begin playing. You’ll need to wager some of those free Gold Coins you received during signup.

Go through different titles and slot games to find the ones that appeal to you the most.

Step 4: Win Rewards

Finally, collect the rewards that the games offer when you win. Participate in promotional events to enjoy freebies, free spins, etc. Ultimately, you’ll start getting Sweep Coins and other rewards and/or purchasing coins. Use these Sweep Coins in the Sweepstakes, games, or events that offer real cash as rewards.

Top Reasons Why the Best Social Casinos Are So Popular

  1. Social casinos are only growing bigger and wider thanks to their allure and entertainment value. So, what makes these platforms more attractive than other gaming websites or real-money gambling platforms?
  2. There is zero risk of losing real money because participation relies solely on free virtual coins offered by the casino.
  3. Sweep Coins allow you to join sweepstakes, events, or games that pay out in real cash prizes.
  4. There’s no risk of breaking the law or getting in legal trouble (provided the social casino is allowed in your state).
  5. Social casinos support a wide variety of payment modes and methods, including traditional banking, credit cards, and digital wallets.
  6. Transactions remain secure thanks to high-end encryption measures and safety regulations.
  7. Easy integration with social media apps and platforms allows users to share, interact, and socialize virtually.
  8. Sweepstakes events are usually decided on luck. So, both beginners and seasoned users stand a chance to win real rewards.
  9. Games are easy to learn, engaging to play, and entertaining.

FAQs on Social Casinos

Are Social Casinos Really Legal?

Yes. Most social and sweepstake casinos operate legally in the majority of US states, barring a few like Washington and Idaho.

Do Social Casinos Pay Out Real Money?

Yes. Many social casinos use a dual currency system where you can freely receive secondary coins that can win you real cash.

What are Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos are usually another name for free-to-play social casinos that pay out real rewards. The name may come from sweepstakes-style events that these casinos organize virtually, where users win real-world rewards.

Are Social Casinos Reliable?

There are many casino platforms that claim to be reliable social and sweepstakes casinos. However, not all websites are trustworthy. Stick to trusted names like WOWVegas, Pulsz, Rush Gaming, McLuck, and High5.

Can I Play Social Casinos on Mobile?

Yes. The top social casinos all have supported apps for iOS and Android. Platforms like High5 and Rush Gaming are well-known for their user-friendly and accessible mobile apps.

What’s the best social casino for beginners?

WOWVegas and McLuck are popular options for first-timers thanks to their ease of use and generous welcome bonuses.


Last Updated on December 22, 2023

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