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The best sweeptsakes casinos we recommend every new player should try out, reviewed by the Sportsbook Casino Review team of writers and editors. Take advantage of these lucrative sign up bonuses and claim your free sweepstakes coins and gold coins today.

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Rolling the Digital Dice: Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

Sweepstakes and social casinos continue changing the landscape of online casino games, making them more accessible and enjoyable to a broader audience.

These platforms remain legal across most states because they don’t classify as all-out gambling. On the other hand, they still offer the thrill and rush of winning valuable rewards based on skill and luck.

So, how do sweepstakes and social casinos thread the needle between blatant gambling and legitimate gaming? Which platforms offer the best deals? Can I win real money on these services?

These and dozens of other questions and doubts plague new users when they consider starting on social casinos. Today, our no-nonsense guide will take you through insightful answers and breakdowns that will leave you informed and ready to play immediately!

What are Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos (or social casinos) are online platforms where you can enjoy popular casino games and slots without betting real-world money. However, these platforms include games or contests where you may win prizes with real-world value (Eg. Cash, gifts, coupons, etc.).

The casino element comes from the wide selection of exiting slots, table games, card games, and other games traditionally associated with casinos. However, these platforms remain legal as gaming services because you don’t have to transfer funds or bet with real money.

You make all bets with a platform-provided gaming currency. Most platforms call it ‘Gold Coins’. You can use These virtual coins to place bets in any of the games and earn further Gold Coins when you win bets.

However, you can also enter in-game contests (like sweepstakes) that pay out real prizes in cash or gift items. So, players can win real value prizes without betting real money on the games directly.

These casinos’ ‘social’ element comes from their integration with social media platforms. So, you can play, share content, make posts, or connect with friends or other players virtually.

How They Differ from Regular Online Casinos

The primary difference between sweepstakes and ordinary gambling casinos is the use of real money. Sweepstakes and social casinos do not accept real money bets or purchases of gaming coins.

So, authorities do not categorize them as ‘gambling’ services. There are no restrictive regulations or rules that local governments impose on regular gambling sites. On the other hand, gambling casinos need licensing from authorized boards. And they remain illegal in the majority of US states.

Sweepstakes and social casinos legally qualify as gaming platforms since no real money is deposited or used for betting. This attribute allows them to operate as regular gaming platforms without the restrictions often imposed on outright gambling services.

How Sweepstakes and Social Casinos Work

Sweepstakes and social casinos offer gaming experiences similar to regular online casinos. So, you’ll get access to traditional card games like poker or roulette. Alternatively, you can indulge in themed slot games that engage you for hours.

On sign-up, the platform will reward you with free supplies of virtual currency (often called Gold Coins). You use these coins to play the games and get paid in the same currency during wins.

However, sweepstake casinos often have an additional currency (called Sweep Coins). You can win these coins through events, bonuses, or payouts from the casino’s games. Most platforms will allow you to redeem these unique coins in exchange for cash rewards.

In short, the Gold Coins allow you to play freely and for fun without real risks or rewards. Meanwhile, the Sweep Coins will enable you to participate and play in the platform’s events with a chance to redeem the coins for real-value rewards later.

So, you get a chance at real payouts without engaging in outright betting directly.

Pros and Cons of Sweepstakes and Social Casinos: Overview


  • These casinos remain free to play, participate, and enjoy.
  • You stand a chance to win or redeem real cash rewards.
  • Social media integrations let you connect, interact, share, or play with friends.
  • You enjoy the constant novelty of new events, contests, and offers.
  • Players can choose from many fun and exciting slots, games, etc.
  • Platforms provide ample opportunities to earn Sweep Coins (Redeemable for real cash)
  •  Rewards, bonuses, and free virtual gifts are frequent and easily accessible.


  • There is less game variety compared to real gambling casino platforms.
  • Platforms impose multiple conditions before you can redeem Sweep Coins.
  • The redemption for real cash often involves a long, drawn-out, and complicated process.
  • Some states allow playing and participation but prohibit cash redemption (Eg. Idaho)
  • States like Washington classify these platforms as illegal altogether.

How to Get Started With Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

Most social casinos offer a similar format for getting new users on board. The individual steps may vary from platform to platform. However, you’ll find the following outline in all online casinos (with slight variations).

Step 1: Sign Up

To begin, find a platform that suits your tastes/preferences (See the list below) and sign up for the service. You’ll have to punch in some details and basic information (along with an email) to start. Account creation remains fast and easy for most platforms, so this initial step should not consume too much time.

Step 2: Pocket Your Bonus

All social and online casinos offer first-time users a signup or welcome bonus. In most cases, you’ll get a free stash of Gold Coins and a handful of Sweep Coins as an onboarding gift.

Click on the ‘Get Bonus’ or ‘Claim Bonus’ button after registration and watch the coins get credited to your virtual account.

Step 3: Pick a Slot or Game

Browse the collection of games, slots, and titles the casino offers. Platforms like High5 Casino, WOW Vegas, McLuck Casino, etc., offer 700-800 different slots and games to their users.

Select a title that appeals to you and start playing with the free Gold Coins you received during registration.

Step 4: Wins and Payouts

Gold Coin games only reward you with further Gold Coins, which are not redeemable. However, every casino hosts promotional events and offers where you can play with Gold Coins and win Sweep Coins. Other times, particular contests may pay in Sweep Coins even without playing any Gold Coins.

Sweep Coins (once past a specific threshold) are worth real-world prizes. You can play in Sweep Coin events to win cash or gifts. Alternatively, many platforms allow you to redeem the accumulated Sweep Coins once you meet some conditions.

Top Sweepstakes and Social Casinos Worth Playing Today

A growing trend of new and competitive sweepstake casinos is appearing in the market today. With the influx of new platforms, there is also an increase in unreliable and questionable services vying for your attention.

Beginners and inexperienced users may fall prey to these dubious platforms that provide sub-par service and a mediocre gaming experience. In worst cases, they may be scam platforms to dupe and trick players into signing up for their service.

So, we took the time to test, investigate, and measure some of the top platforms in the industry. Our team measured these services against different parameters and yardsticks. Some of the attributes we checked and tested for each forum include:

  • Legal license to operate and offer casino games and slots
  • High redemption rates and ease of payouts
  • Secure and reliable payment processing features
  • Variety and diversity of games and slots
  • Advanced encryption for security and data safety
  • Feedback and reviews from existing users.
  • Benefits of bonuses, rewards, and events.
  • Social-media friendly
  • Trustworthy customer support.

After an in-depth study and comparison of the leading platforms, here are the best-performing and most reliable services.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes social casino that offers more than 100 games, attractive jackpots, and a range of bonuses that regular users love. The platform began operations in 2017. It has not garnered as much attention as expected. However, it remains a leading service regarding payouts, bonuses, and ease of use.

The platform runs on VGW’s advanced gaming technology. It leverages games from leading developers like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, and Playtech.

You’ll get more than a million free Gold Coins during signup, including a handful of Sweep Coins to get started. Chumba Casino is known for honouring regular payouts to members who collect enough Sweep Coins and meet the withdrawal conditions.

Some users have complained that the platform’s lack of a loyalty program may drive away seasoned players. However, ongoing bonuses and regular promotions ensure that all users access timely winnings and earnings on this platform.


  • Reliable security measures and advanced encryption
  • Integration with a wide variety of popular social media platforms.
  • Users receive 1-2million Gold Coins on signup
  • Attractive daily bonuses allow regular accumulation of coins
  • Timely events and contests that pay in Sweep Coins


  • Smaller collection of slot games compared to similar platforms.
  • Chumba Casino does not offer a dedicated VIP or loyalty program for patrons.
  • Not available in the State of Michigan.

High5 Casino

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High5 Casino remains an industry-leading social and sweepstakes casino thanks to its excellent services, generous Sweep Coins rewards, and various games.

The casino began operations back in 2012 as a primary social casino. Over the years, it blossomed into one of the leading platforms in the market, with a broad user base in the United States alone.

High5 Casino offers up to 250 Gold Coins, at least 5 Sweep Coins, and hundreds of Diamonds for new users who complete the signup process. The free signup Gold Coins seem limited when compared to casinos like Chumba. However, they compensate for it by offering more Sweep Coins and ample Diamonds.

You can use Diamonds to participate in contests or earn additional free spins on slots. Diamonds offer you the opportunity to earn more Sweep Coins.

High5 hosts more than 800 different games and slots developed by big names like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play.


  • Generous bonus of free Diamonds during signup (used to earn additional Sweep Coins)
  • More than 800 titles to play and enjoy
  • H5 Club Sweeps Lobby lets you collect free bonuses every four hours
  • Fast and easy bank transfers during withdrawal
  • Excellent customer support that serves US members 24/7
  • Regular Sweepstakes events that offer attractive rewards.


  • Limited Gold Coins during signup
  •  Little support for digital wallets during withdrawals
  • High5 Casino does not operate in Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Michigan, and Quebec (Canada).

McLuck Casino

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McLuck Casino is another sweepstakes and social casino known for its high-paying bonuses and promotions that offer unmatched rewards. Most of the top winners on the platform are US-based players.

The platform features the latest titles from developers like Playson, 3 Oaks, NetEnt, and Relax gaming.

mcluck slots

Some critics point out that McLuck offers fewer table games than competing platforms. However, regular users report that the variety of slots is enough to bring in winnings and keep users engaged.

A remarkable feature at McLuck Casino is the McJackpot. You stand a chance to hit a hidden jackpot on almost every spin you perform on the games. It comes in four categories of wins – GC Grand, GC Major, GC Minor, and GC Mini. If you get lucky, the lowest tier will pay out about 10,000 Gold Coins, while the GC Grand may shell out a whopping 200 million Gold Coins.


  • Wide selection of slots from top developers
  • Secure transactions on payment processors like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  •  A chance to win up to 200 million GCs through McJackpot
  • The ‘Hold and Win’ feature allows you to collect symbols and win prizes (without playing coins)
  • McLuck’s mobile app is user-friendly and loads fast
  • The 150% signup bonus can initially get you up to 50,000 Gold Coins.


  • Fewer free offers for Sweep Coins
  • A limited number of traditional table games
  • Not enough promotions and benefits for their loyalty program.

PulsZ Casino

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PulsZ remains one of the top platforms among free-to-play casino games that dole out real-world prizes.

The platform does not offer standout features that blow the competition away. However, the magic with PulsZ lies in a well-curated structure of offers, bonuses, extensive games, and user-friendly features that work together to give this service its edge.

PulsZ offers over 700 casino-style slots, games, and jackpots that keep users interested and hooked from day one. Titles like Diamond Strike, 5 Lions, and Hit The Gold remain all-time favourites for both new users and seasoned members.

Their payment systems are reliable. You can expect good customer support for all their games. And the offers are attractive enough to carve out decent winnings for almost any player.

PulsZ also offers a higher RTP (Return to Player) rate than other platforms in the same category. RTP is the ratio/percentage of potential winnings that players get depending on the amount they invest during bets.


  • Over 700 different slots and casino games are available
  • Initial signup bonus of up to 300,000 GC and up to 30 Sweep Coins
  • Raving reviews from existing users and members
  • Additional Gold Coin Games and Scratch cards for higher winnings.
  • Free-to-play without annoying ads and pop-up gimmicks.


  • A limited number of live dealer games
  • Restricted offers for winning Sweep Coins
  • More in-app purchases than other platforms
  • Prohibited in Nevada, Washington, and Idaho.

WOW Vegas

Sign Up Bonus 4.5 SC Coins FREE

WOW, Vegas qualifies as one of the US’s fastest-growing sweepstakes and social casinos today. There may be other platforms that boast bigger historical users. However, the daily user surge and growing trend of new members imply that WOW Vegas may take up the throne as the most-used social casino very soon.

Wilds of Fortune, Big Bass Splash, and Candy Stars are a few of the 700+ slots and casino games that WOW Vegas offers. You can also expect weekly updates of new and improved games being added to the collection regularly.

One of the reasons why this platform keeps experiencing a constant barrage of new users is its superior customer support. Members report that the team’s attention to detail, courtesy, and technical support remain the primary reasons why they stick with WOW Vegas.

Overall, WOW Vegas offers quality gaming, a wide selection of games, excellent support, and enough promotions/bonuses to keep any user entertained.


  • Unmatched quality of customer support and service
  • 700+ new games and slots (updated weekly)
  • Secure payment processing and support for diverse payment modes
  • Consistent positive feedback and reviews from users.
  • Attractive payouts during sweepstakes promotions and contests.


  • Limited WOW coins during the signup bonus
  • Limited ways to earn Sweep Coins without using WOW Coins.
  • Mobile is not as user-friendly as competing platforms.

How to Get More Coins on Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

Many users spend their free bonus coins on experimenting or trying out new games. Once you learn the ropes, you may want to grab more coins to make bigger bets.

You can grind for coins by playing slots or building your skills in selected games. These slots and games will reward you with Gold Coins when you fare well in the games.

Alternatively, you can purchase coin packages with real money if you wish. Platforms will offer specific packages of Gold Coins and Sweep Coins that you can pay for. These plans usually include a generous amount of Gold Coins and a limited number of Sweep Coins.

To get more Sweep Coins, you may have to participate in events, win spins, or get bonuses within the game. Some contests choose lucky winners (like traditional sweepstakes) and reward them with Sweep Coins. Other events require you to play with Sweep Coins and win larger shares of Sweep Coins.

Ultimately, you can exchange your Sweep Coins for a real monetary payout from the platform. Alternatively, you can play Sweep Coin games that have real cash prizes as the rewards.

In most instances, you cannot withdraw Sweep Coins as real currency directly. You must use freely earned Sweep Coins to play SC games. Then, as you gather more Sweep Coins by winning, you can redeem them later once your balance exceeds a minimum amount.

FAQs on Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

What are Sweepstakes Casinos and Social Casinos?

Sweepstakes and social casinos normally refer to freely playable online casino platforms that do not accept real money bets. However, you can win a secondary category of virtual currency on these platforms, which you may redeem for real cash.

Some platforms only operate as social casinos. These are services that offer free games and payout only in virtual coins that do not have real value. A strong component of these platforms is social media integration, which allows users to connect, interact, and share across social platforms.

Can I Win Real Money in Sweepstakes Casinos?

Yes. These platforms operate using two virtual coins. The  Gold Coins serve as virtual bets on the games without the use of real money. The payouts in Sweep Coins then get redeemed for real cash later on.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos legal in the US?

Most sweepstakes casinos remain legal in the majority of US states. That’s because they do not accept real-money bets directly, so they do not get tagged as gambling casinos.

The State of Washington is an exception which prohibits these platforms altogether. Other states like Michigan and Nevada may allow some of these casinos to operate but without the payouts of real money.

Can I Play Traditional Casino Table Games at Social Casinos?

Yes. Most sweepstakes and social casinos offer conventional card and table games like Classic Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, etc.

Which Social Casinos Provide the Most Winnings?

Your winning will depend on the way you play and use Gold Coins. However, all the platforms mentioned in this guide (WOW Vegas, McLuck, etc.) offer an RTP of 95-97%, which makes them attractive winning ratios for seasoned players.

How Do I Withdraw Real Money from Social Casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos support a wide range of payment and withdrawal options. In most instances, you can expect standard bank transfers, credit cards, and a variety of digital wallets and online payment services (PayPal, Skrill, Trustly, etc.).

Can I Buy More Sweep Coins?

You cannot purchase Sweep Coins from sweepstakes casinos directly. However, you can purchase Gold Coins, participate in events, or enjoy bonuses that all reward you with Sweep Coins. Accumulate these Sweep Coin rewards and participate in other Sweep Coin games to increase your stash further.

What are some of the top Sweepstakes and Social Casinos today?

Chumba Casino, WOW Vegas, McLuck Casino, Pulsz Casino, and High5 are some of the best-performing services today. These platforms boast impressive bonuses, rewarding offers, secure payments, and an incredible selection of slots and casino games.

Last Updated on December 22, 2023

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