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Michigan passed the official green signal for sports betting in late 2019. However, online sportsbooks in the State began operations only in 2021. Since then, online sports betting has grown in the State, with over a dozen legal sportsbooks operating successfully.

The increased betting platforms and the loud fanfare around the subject can confuse even seasoned bettors. So, we’ve created and compiled the top platforms exclusively for our readers today.

We’ll also break down the different aspects of how to get started, relevant regulations to remember, and other insights that’ll make you a more informed bettor and potential winner.

Let’s begin!

Overview of the 6 Best Michigan Sports Betting Sites and Platforms

To start, let’s scan through the best-performing and most lucrative sportsbooks operating online in Michigan.

We followed a few parameters while compiling this list of sportsbooks. These factors and comparison points filtered the ordinary platforms from the superior betting sites.

  • Proper licensing and adherence to Michigan’s betting and gambling laws.
  • Satisfactory or exceptional reviews from existing users.
  • Comprehensive coverage of sports markets and betting options.
  • Reliable customer and technical support.
  • Fair odds and reasonable payouts
  • Endorsement of responsible and ethical betting practices.
  • Enhanced security that protects user data and fund transfers.
  • Support for diverse methods of payments and withdrawals.
  • Supported mobile app and user-friendly sportsbook website.

We used these and several other indicators to compare all the operational online sportsbooks in Michigan. Here are the top performers.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is known for being beginner-friendly and easy to use for users new to online sports betting. However, the platform provides various markets and odds to engage experienced bettors.

The platform also offers an immersive mobile betting experience, an impressive selection of payment methods, and compatibility across different screens and devices.

Key Features

  • DraftKings supports a wide range of digital wallets and online payment modes
  • DraftKings mobile app enjoys raving reviews and excellent feedback
  • Free betting pools and welcome bonuses that can reach $150

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars constitutes the most prominent casino entertainment entity in the entire country. You’ll find their sports betting units in Turtle Creek Casino and Leelanau Sands Casino in Michigan. However, many users prefer their online sportsbook to be accessible from anywhere.

They remain partners with mainstream leagues like the NFL, making betting markets available for all members. The Caesars Rewards program is also active on the website, in the app, and in their retail stores.

Key Features

  • Excellent rewards and promotional events
  • First bet bonus of up to $1000
  • Exemplary implementation of responsible gambling practices
  • Fast response in customer services

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is among the most widely used online sportsbooks across Michigan state. Their popularity stems from attractive partnerships with resorts like Grand Detroit and NFL teams like the Detroit Lions.

Easy access to bets, fair odds, and timely transactions make this platform a favorite for users betting in mainstream sports leagues in the country. NHL, NFL, and the NBA remain popular leagues for placing bets on BetMGM.

Key Features

  • First bet bonuses of up to $1500 (with codes)
  • A chance to win over $200 with $5 bets on selected NFL games
  • Secure transactions and data-security measures
  • User-friendly BetMGM mobile app for both Android and iOS

ESPN Bet Sportsbook

ESPN Bet Sportsbook results from Greektown Casino owner Penn National teaming up with ESPN Bet to create an online sports betting platform quickly gaining countless new users.

The platform is easy to use, reliable in features, and offers excellent support for multiple modes of payment. These attributes combine to make the betting experience smooth and seamless for users who prefer simple betting platforms.

Key Features

·        Easy navigation and no-frills betting experience.

·        Immediate claim of up to $250 in bonus bets during signup

·        Deposit bonuses that go up to $1000

·        Shareable bet slips that support online socialization across other apps/platforms.

5.  BetRivers Michigan

BetRivers is another sports betting platform that went live in Michigan early in 2021. The platform is not as old as establishments like Caesars, but it offers features good enough to attract thousands of virtual bettors daily

When you join this Michigan sports betting site, expect smooth transactions, cutting-edge security measures, and attractive promotional giveaways.

Key Features

  • Up to $500 in rewards for second bets
  • First, bet insurance of up to $500
  • Unique iRush Rewards program for regular users and VIP members
  • Raving reviews from new users.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another leading sports betting service in Michigan and dozens of other states nationwide. Official partners for this platform include the Tigers and the Red Wings.

Fans of the NHL and MLB prefer betting on FanDuel thanks to their partnerships with franchises in these leagues. The platform is known for accurate odds, extensive markets, and quick payouts during winning sessions.

Key Features

  • Fast payment processing for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Extensive support for multiple digital wallets
  • You get up to $150 in bonus bets for the first $5 bet
  • Same-game parlays allow bets on different predicted outcomes.

How to Get Started With Michigan Sports Betting

Here’s a quick general guide on how to join the sports betting industry in Michigan (as a bettor). The individual registration steps may vary slightly depending on which sportsbook you pick. However, the overall process will remain similar on all platforms.

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Sportsbook

Pick one from among the top six platforms mentioned above. BetRivers and ESPN Bet both remain excellent alternatives for beginners. DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, and Caesars are all ideal options for anyone who wants access to a wide selection of markets.

Step 2: Register/Create a Betting Account

Next, go to the sportsbook’s signup section and create an account.

The platform will take you through a web page where you punch in some basic info and details on a form. This form may require contact information like your preferred email or card details for executing transactions.

Step 3: Transfer Funds

Once ready, connect your preferred payment method to the platform and transfer the desired amount.

Remember, some platforms may offer a bigger bonus for higher first deposits. Alternatively, some new users may prefer starting small to minimize risk while testing the waters. Choose the amount that feels like the wiser move.

Step 4: Wager and Win!

Finally, go to the sportsbook’s marketplace and browse through the sports and matches you want.

The platform will list possible bets for a particular match (Eg. moneyline, futures, parlays, etc.). Place the desired wager amount on the outcome you expect. And that’s it! Wait for the outcome and watch the rewards pile in if your prediction is accurate.

General Tips and Pointers to Remember for Michigan Sportsbooks

Betting on sportsbooks can become a rewarding experience or a vice, depending on how you handle the experience.

Here are some general rules of thumb that may help prevent gross addiction or abuse of betting behavior.

  • Spend time learning the different types of odds and bets. For instance, know the difference between moneyline bets for your preferred teams and handicap bets for clearly mismatched opponents.
  • Avoid indulging in excessive emotions when betting. Dejection or euphoria from losses and wins may lead to irresponsible betting.
  • In most cases, recklessly betting more significant amounts to recover previous losses end up with even bigger losses.
  • Experienced bettors who understand odds and markets can consider diversifying their wagers so that all their winnings do not depend on one outcome only.
  • Log the time you spend on online sportsbooks and take frequent breaks to ensure you’re not over-indulging in the habit.
  • Reach out for help and pay attention to responsible gambling regulations if you feel any sense of addiction or lack of self-control.

Critical Points in Michigan’s Online Sports Betting Laws

All casino and sports betting activities in Michigan remain regulated by the resolutions mentioned in the Lawful Sports Betting Act (Act 149 or 2019).

Here are some crucial features that may prove helpful to know and remember.

  • Online sportsbooks must own a Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue license for casinos.
  • Such a license will allow the owner to operate one online sportsbook (not multiple platforms through a single license)
  • All sportsbooks will pay a tax of 8.4% (gross receipts), an application fee of $50,000, and a license fee of $100,000.
  • The State will use these collected funds for School Aid, First Responders funds, Firefighters’ welfare, and Neighborhood Development Programs.
  • Sportsbooks operated by Indian tribes remain exempted from some of these taxes and licensing requirements.
  • The host city may impose a service tax of about 1.25% on casinos and betting platforms under its jurisdiction.
  • Sportsbook operators must provide a comprehensive monthly report of all handles, wagers, winnings, deductions, and receipts to the regulatory board for transparency.

Quick FAQs on Michigan Sports Betting

Is sports betting fully legal in Michigan?

Yes. Any sports betting operations allowed in the Lawful Sports Betting Act remain legal in Michigan.

Which sportsbooks work best for beginners?

Your betting experience will depend on your learning curve, skill, and luck. However, platforms like BetRivers and FanDuel are known for their beginner-friendly features and offers.

What are the best-performing sportsbooks in Michigan?

DraftKings, BetRivers, Caesars, FanDuel, ESPN Bet, and BetMGM remain some of Michigan’s leading platforms for regular bettors.

What kinds of sports bets can I place in Michigan?

Bettors can select a wide range of wagers in Michigan sports betting, ranging from moneylines, futures, totals, straight bets, teasers, and other outcomes.

Last Updated on January 3, 2024

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