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Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the US and elsewhere. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry with enthusiasts participating from around the world. However, state laws in the US regarding sports betting can be a bit confusing. 

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Some states have legalized it, while others have yet to do so. Besides, even though the state laws don’t allow organizations to set up sports betting sites within their states, they don’t restrict residents from playing on offshore platforms. Some states have legalized in-person or retail sportsbooks but not online versions, while it’s the opposite in other states.

However, the US sports betting scene is active and hot, and sports fans nationwide visit online betting platforms daily. If you’re excited to learn more about US sports betting sites, then look no further. In this short write-up, we’ll mention some aspects of sports betting sites in the US and also list the top five platforms.

What Is The Legal Status Of Sports Betting in Various States?

When the US Supreme Court revoked the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), it opened the door for the states to enact their laws regarding sports betting. Currently, around 30 states have fully legalized sports betting (online, in–person), while some have legalized it in one form or the other. 

Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Iowa, New York, and Ohio are some states that have legalized online and retail sports betting. 

States Likely To Legalize Sports Betting in 2024, 2025

While most states have created laws and enabled sports betting, some are considering legalizing it. Here is a look at the possible changes in 2024, 2025, or the next few years. 

North Carolina passed a law in June 2023 that will allow sports betting in the state. Currently, in-person sports betting is legal. The state will launch online sports betting in 2024, probably in the early months.

Maine is another state preparing to introduce sports betting by the end of 2023 or early 2024. The state passed a law in May 2022 to legalize retail and online sports betting, but Governor Janet Mills rejected it. However, the lawmakers persisted, and finally, she signed the bill in June 2023. The law will allow at least 11 retail and 16 online sports betting organizations to operate within the state.

California is a big state, but it’s still illegal for sports betting platforms to operate. Lawmakers continue to strive, and they will try again in 2024 to legalize online sports betting. 

Oklahoma has many tribal casinos but currently, sports betting is illegal. If all the tribes decide, then the state may legalize it by 2024 or 2025. But it isn’t certain whether all tribal-owned casinos will offer sports betting options.

Minnesota is also a state where sports betting is illegal. Lawmakers have been pushing the agenda, and the situation seems better in 2023 than in 2022. It can become legal in the later part of 2024 or early 2025.

Texas is the second largest state in the US, but sports betting is still illegal. Support for legalizing it has been growing, but lawmakers haven’t been successful in passing the bill. If anything happens, then it’ll only be in 2025.

Vermont citizens will probably be able to participate in sports betting by 2024. Governor Phil Scott signed a bill, H.127, which allows up to 6 sports betting platforms. 

States such as Missouri, Georgia, and Florida are also trying to legalize online sports betting, so there may be good news in the next few years.

How To Choose The Best US Online Sportsbook?

There are many platforms based in the US currently. But it doesn’t mean that all are great service providers. You may face difficulties after registering on some websites. It can be frustrating and can dampen your mood. 

But how to choose the best US online sports betting sites? You don’t have to worry because below, we have mentioned a few tips that will help you select the best platforms.

When determining the best online sports betting sites, it’s important to consider several aspects. Only then should you consider signing up on those sites. The following are some features that fans should look for when selecting a US online sportsbook.


Online sports betting sites allow real money transactions. You’ll bet with hard-earned money, so safety and security should be the first feature you look out for.  

You should check whether a specific site has a license from the concerned authority. It must also follow encryption and privacy protocols to protect customers’ data. It’s also vital to see that a particular site and the company that runs it are reputable. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Licensed and the best platforms want customer satisfaction, and they want to ensure players feel delighted when they join their site. So, look for betting sites that offer various bonuses, including welcome bonuses. Top sites also introduce promotions regularly and add more excitement to gamers’ experience.

User-Friendly Interface

What’s the point of having many betting options and bonuses if the navigation is difficult? The best platforms must have websites and apps that run smoothly and allow players to navigate whenever they want to make bets.

Customer Service

Some service providers don’t have a good customer support system. They delay in replying or solving issues. All good platforms must have friendly and responsive customer service. So, look for reviews to determine which top sites have good customer service.

Multiple Payment Methods

Everyone uses different methods of payment. It can be problematic if a betting site allows only one or two payment options for transactions. The best platforms must offer several options for convenience and smooth transactions.

Best Odds

Choose sportsbooks that offer the best odds on the bets so you can have a reasonable profit when you wager and win. 

Availability of Popular Sports in the US

US citizens love sports, but some are more popular than others. So, the best US online betting sites should have all these top sports, or it’ll be useless since you’ll want to bet on these games.

Top 5 Sports

NFL: The National Football League, or the NFL, is the most popular sport in the US, and it’s also the biggest in the betting market. Not only do more people bet on the sport, but it also generates the maximum revenue. You can bet on the sport in multiple ways, such as Spread Bets, Moneyline Bets, Quarter or Halftime Bets, Totals (over/under), Player Props and Future Bets.

NBA: The National Basketball League, or the NBA, is the next most beloved sport in the country, and it’s also becoming quite popular in sports betting. You can bet in all the methods mentioned above, as well as on Parlays, Teasers, Round Robins, and Same Game Parlays.

NCAAF: College football is another area where sports fans are showing much enthusiasm to bet. However, several states prohibit betting on college sports, so you should check your state’s status first.

NCAAB: The same goes for college basketball. While some states allow betting, several states prohibit enthusiasts from betting. So, find out whether your state has legalized online sports betting for college basketball.

UFC: It’s also a sport gaining plenty of attention in the US and the betting world. You’ll notice UFC as one of the sports in any top US online betting site. 

Top 5 Sportsbooks


If you’re a US sports fan interested in sports wagering, you must have come across BetMGM. It’s the top sportsbook based in the country. It’s legal, safe and offers multiple sports to bet on. 

The site also provides several bonuses and promotions, so you’re to enjoy those benefits. The platform is compatible with desktop, Android, and iOS so that you can play on various devices.


This sportsbook climbed to the top in a short period since its rebranding after merging with William Hill. Caesars has a friendly interface that is compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop. 

It also offers bonuses and promotions for players when they sign up. You can place wagers on all the top sports, including football, basketball, and others.


DraftKings has raced to the top quickly since its launch and is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the US. It not only offers bonuses and numerous betting options, but it also assigns missions to extra rewards.

Its website is easy to navigate as it provides all the information. Players only have to follow the steps one by one to sign up, deposit, and place bets.


Many fans regard FanDuel as their favorite sportsbook in the US. It’s accessible on desktop, iOS and Android devices. It’s legal in many states, so fans from most states can register on this platform.

FanDuel offers some bonuses, and players can win up to $150 by betting just $5 if they win. It provides all the popular sports, with the NFL being the top sport that fans bet on.

Bet 365

Finally, we have Bet365 Sportsbook, but it’s certainly not the least. You can play it on iOS and Android devices and also on desktop. It’s currently available in several states, including New Jersey, Ohio, and Colorado. 

Bet 365 offers bonuses and promotions to new players, with many sports to bet on. This platform also has a casino section, so if you want to have more fun, you can play there. 

Final Thoughts

These are the top five online sports betting sites in the US. But there are several other good ones, too. You can check whether they’re legal in your state and register if so. 

Compare all the facts before registering to have the best experience when placing wagers.

List Of States Open For Legal Sports Betting

With the Supreme court striking off the PASPA (Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act) in 2018, many states could establish their own sports betting laws. Over thirty states in the United States have legalized it.

Check the current status of sports betting states as of December 14th, 2023:


The state legalized sports betting on Apr 15, 2021, allowing permits to twenty operators in Arizona.


Sports betting is also legal in Arkansas and officially launching sportsbook in July 2021 and online in February 2022. The state permits betting on collegiates and in-state professionals.


On May 20, 2021, it became the nineteenth state to legalize sports betting. However, it carries some restrictions about in-state college games. It allows wagers on game outcomes but prohibits player prop bets. Also, in the 2020 election, it increased the type and number of casino games. In addition, it got rid of some betting limits.


Connecticut officially legalized sports betting on Sept 30, 2021.


Delaware legalized sports betting once the Supreme court overturned the law in 2018. Despite no presence state-based online sportsbooks, online sports betting is legal here. But the state prohibits in-state collegiate teams wagering.


Sports gambling is also legal in Illinois but in-state collegiate games is not allowed under the new law. The state will also legalize betting both offline and online. Before this new law, bets were allowed on collegiate games but in person.


Indiana legalized betting on college and pro sports in September 2019. It permits both in-person and mobile betting at several locations. The state allows betting on collegiate game outcomes but not player prop bets.


In 2019, Iowa legalized sports gambling and by end of the summer multiple sites started taking bets. It also allows betting for both college and pro sports. Like other states, it allows wagering on collegiate game results but not on player prop bets.


Kansas made online sports betting legal on Jul 1, 2022.


The state legalized sports gambling this year in March and launched its first online betting site on Sept 28, 2023.


Sports gambling is legal in Louisiana, and launched retail sports betting in October 2021. It legalized mobile sports gambling in January 2022.


Sports gambling is legal in Maine, with Caesars and DraftKings sportsbook going live on Nov 3, 2023. They are the only two licensed sportsbooks in this state. The state has grant four online licenses to Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet and Micmac tribes. So, two more legal betting sites will operate soon in the state. It’s been reported that over $ 4 million was wagered in the first five days after it became legal.


The state passed sports betting after the 2020 election. Online sportsbooks started operating in November 2022. In person sports gambling was launched in December 2021 in the Baltimore zone.


Massachusetts legalized sports gambling on Jan 31, 2023, with the launch of in-person betting in three areas. On Mar 10, 2023, the state allowed online sports betting with the launch of six mobile wagering apps.


In December 2019, mobile and online sports betting was given a greenlight in Michigan. It became functional by going live officially on Jan 22, 2021.


In Mississippi, Sports betting was first done on Aug 1, 2018. The state

 passed a law for sports gambling in 2017 eventually leading to legalization a year after.


Sports betting became legal in Montana in March 2020. The state lottery regulates sportsbooks and gives the lottery director certain authority. They can decide which sports qualify for wagering and the types of bets that can be placed. Unfortunately, residents aren’t able to place bets remotely from their home and mobile device, they must go to a physical location to actually place the bet.


Nebraska legalized sports betting on May 25, 2021, by Governor Pete Ricketts. However, it doesn’t allow wagering on in-state collegiate events and games.


Nevada is famously referred to as the granddaddy of sports betting. It was legal since 1949 and has the most permissive gambling rules in the United States.

New Hampshire

The state legalized sports betting two years after the Supreme court overturned the law banning gambling on sports. It has entered a contract with DraftKings for six years.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of few states that was in favor legalizing sports gambling. In fact, it was responsible for influencing the Supreme court to do federal reversal. After its verdict, the state wasted no timer and made sports wagering legal in New Jersey.

New Mexico

The state doesn’t entirely prohibit sports gambling but at the same time don’t allow Class III game shared between the state and tribes. It resulted in the opening a legal sportsbook, Pueblo of Santa Ana tribe, at its casino. So, sports betting is not illegal in Santa Ana’s Casino hotel and other four tribal casinos.

New York

While a bill to make sports gambling legal was passed in 2013, it become fully functional in New York on July 2019 and officially launching the first sportsbook. Mobile sports betting apps were inaugurated on Jan 8, 2022.

North Carolina

The state is not entirely legal for online sports betting but is expected to do so in 2024. In-person sports gambling became legal on Mar 18, 2021, in three locations. A new bill was agreed on Jun 14, 2023, which opens the market for online sports wagering. As of December 14th, 2023 proposals are still being discussed.

North Dakota

Sports betting is not yet legal in North Dakota, but legislation has been proposed. In 2019, North Dakota tried to legalize but was not successful.


In Ohio, sports betting became legal in December 2021. On Jan 1, 2023, it was launched officially. The state allows both online and in-person sports betting.


Oregon also joins one of the thirty states that has legalized online sports betting. At the state level, sports wagering with some limits was already functioning. However, only in August 2019 they started taking bets officially. The state prohibits betting on collegiate events and games.


Pennsylvania made online sports betting legal six months after the supreme court overturned the law.

Rhode Island

Like Pennsylvania, even Rhode Island legalized sports betting six month after the Supreme court overturned the law. It offers two in-state casinos for sports wagering. Online betting was officially launched on Sept 4, 2019.

South Dakota

The state approved sports betting following the 2020 election. Presently, only in-person wagering is legal. There is no news about when mobile sports betting will be launched here.


In the spring of 2019, Tennessee’s state legislature approved the sports betting bill. From Nov 1, 2021, it allowed wagering only on mobile apps and online. It also permitted betting on college game outcomes but not on player prop bets.


Sports betting is not legal yet in Vermont but is expected to happen soon, in early 2024. The state legislature has made a bill to make mobile sports gambling legal, and is signed by the Governor. As of now, it’s waiting to be launched.


Virgina allows both online and in-person sports betting. It was officially launched in 2021.


Sports wagering is also legal in Washington but doesn’t allow online and mobile betting. The bill to permit sports betting at tribal casinos in-state was passed in 2020.

Washington D.C.

Online sports betting is legal in Washington, D.C. It has launched its betting website and app which run by D.C. Lottery.

West Virginia

West Virginia was the fifth state to legalize sports gambling on August 2018. It allows both online and in-person wagering.


Wyoming legalized sports betting on Sept 1, 2021.

If you’re into betting whether in-person or online, it’s advisable to know the legal stand of state regarding gambling. It will save you from getting into trouble and avoid breaking the laws set by the authority.

US Online Sports Betting Timeline

  • 1992: The passage of the PASPA Act by the United States Congress prohibits single-game sports betting nationwide.
  • 2011: New Jersey pioneers the legalization of sports betting at state racetracks and Atlantic City casinos.
  • 2012: The NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL collectively file a lawsuit against New Jersey to halt sports betting activities.
  • February 2013: A US District Court judge issues an injunction preventing the implementation of legalized sports betting in New Jersey.
  • September 2013: Despite an appeal to the Third Circuit, New Jersey faces another setback in its pursuit of legalized sports betting.
  • September 2014: Adapting to the Third Circuit’s guidance, New Jersey amends its sports betting laws.
  • October 2014: The NCAA and major sports leagues once again seek federal court intervention to block sports betting in New Jersey.
  • November 2014: New Jersey’s legal battle sees another defeat at the district court level.
  • November 2015: The Third Circuit rules against New Jersey for the second time.
  • August 2016: New Jersey experiences a third loss at the federal appeals level.
  • June 2017: The Supreme Court takes up New Jersey’s case.
  • December 2017: The Supreme Court hears the landmark case of Governor Chris Christie versus the NCAA.
  • May 2018: In a historic decision, the Supreme Court rules in favor of New Jersey, striking down PASPA.
  • June 2018: Delaware makes history as the first state, outside of Nevada, to legalize single-game wagers.
  • June 2018: New Jersey swiftly enacts new sports betting laws, marking the inaugural wagers at Monmouth Park and the Borgata Casino.
  • June 2018: Rhode Island and West Virginia join the wave of states legalizing sports betting.
  • August 2018: DraftKings facilitates the first sports bet outside of Nevada in New Jersey.
  • August 2018: Mississippi enters the fray by legalizing sports betting.
  • October 2018: New Mexico embraces sports betting.
  • November 2018: Pennsylvania and Arkansas jump on the sports betting legalization bandwagon.
  • January 2019: Washington D.C. greenlights sports betting, with a scheduled launch in the spring.
  • May 2019: Montana, Indiana, and Iowa join the ranks of states legalizing sports betting.
  • July 2019: Arkansas and New York kick off their sports betting ventures.
  • August 2019: Oregon takes its inaugural sports betting wager.
  • December 2019: New Hampshire opens its doors to sports betting.
  • March 2020: Illinois, Michigan, and Montana welcome sports wagering.
  • May 2020: Colorado introduces legal sports wagering.
  • June 2020: Washington D.C. launches its legal sports betting operations.
  • November 2020: Tennessee legalizes sports betting.
  • January 2021: Virginia conducts its first legal sports bet following the April 2020 bill passage.
  • March 2021: North Carolina and Washington join the growing list of states legalizing sports betting.
  • April 2021: Arizona legalizes sports betting, and Wyoming greenlights online sports betting.
  • May 2021: Nebraska embraces sports betting, while Connecticut enacts sports gambling legislation.
  • June 2021: Louisiana signs sports betting into law.
  • September 2021: Connecticut, Arizona, and Wyoming introduce retail sports gambling.
  • October 2021: Connecticut authorizes online sports gambling.
  • December 2021: Maryland introduces in-person sports betting, with Governor Larry Hogan placing the inaugural legal wager at MGM National Harbor.
  • January 2022: New York and Louisiana launch legal online sports gambling.
  • May 2022: Maine enacts sports betting legislation, slated to go live on July 31.
  • June 2022: Kansas legalizes both in-person and online sports betting, with an anticipated rollout on January 1, 2023.

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